What if it was me?

What if it was me lying in a hospital bed, staring up at a stark white ceiling; unfamiliar sheets and blankets pretending to comfort me, unfamiliar noises interrupting my sparse thoughts, unfamiliar smells taking me farther from home? What if it was me and my thoughts were jumbled, but sometimes they weren’t, and I felt alone and misplaced;…… Continue reading What if it was me?

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A home away from home

Finding companionship in a simple coffee shop The other day I found refuge in an unfamiliar Dunkin’ Donuts; trying to kill a few hours while my husband attended a meeting. As I walked toward the entrance, I encountered two elderly people grabbing a quick puff before entering the establishment; they followed me in.  As I stood…… Continue reading A home away from home

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Eldercare: Why social contact is crucial for the elderly!

  How old are your parents, your grandparents? How often do you text, call, drop by for a little conversation over a cup of tea and why does it matter? reported on a 2013 study on social isolation, loneliness, and all-cause mortality in older men and women, published in the online edition of the Proceedings of the…… Continue reading Eldercare: Why social contact is crucial for the elderly!