Decorating and designing or better yet, crafting, has always been a passion of mine. Even when I was young, my mother could hear me dragging a bookshelf or bed from one side of the room to the other. What can I say – I like change and renewal. It’s genetic really; my grandmother was constantly moving furniture around in her home, so much so that when her husband would return home late from work, he was never sure what he might bump into. I also was constantly making things (crafting) and painting (even though it was paint by number).

Today I am still moving furniture following in my grandmother’s footsteps, but I’m also continuing my own tradition of creativity by stretching my wings a bit; delving into driftwood designs and my passion from a past life (teen summer job) – silk flower arrangements and wall hangings. I have also tried my hand at painting on more than room walls; fence art, cornhole game, and canvas.

You have to start somewhere, and if you think you might enjoy trying something new I encourage you to go for it. I left my easel in the closet for two years before having the courage to face my demons; you know, the ones that say you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m tired of letting them rule me, and now, I’m going for it, whether just for myself or commissioned by others. I have learned a lot over the years and I’m having fun trying new things.

I will use this page to display the things I have made. Enjoy, and go for whatever your demons tell you ‘you can’t do’, because you can!


Driftwood Art


Wedding Decor: September 2021

When you’ve planned a wedding reception for outdoors, without a tent, you always need a back-up plan. Thank God for a large family room, many hands to get the furniture moved, and a bit of creativity. Within a few hours we had three tables set for guests, shear fabric adorning windows and closet doors, and twinkle lights adding warmth and sparkle to greenery. It was, without doubt, a transformation.


How do you spend a little and get the wow factor. Plan ahead, do with what you have, add in purchased items where necessary, and be creative!

Flowers for tables: came from the grocery store; simple white with greenery added.

Glass vases: not vases at all. Glass containers with lids purchased from a craft store – reusable later.

Shells picked up from various trips to Florida adorned middle of table, and accented the inside of the vases. Twinkle lights used at an earlier wedding adorn tables.

Placemats purchased without shells; patiently adorned with shells by the bride.

Simple white napkins purchased, along with nine dishes of varying color but similar style. Nine more blue plates I already had, along with blue and clear water glasses round out the table settings.

Greenery: ferns from the front porch and other plantings already in the room added life, while the twinkle lights added dimension and warmth.

Shear fabric: saved from a family wedding seven years prior covered the window and closet openings. A bit of sparkle behind created a warm room with a bit of fairytale flair.