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‘That’s me’ : )

Welcome to Pretty Mama Cares. My name is Kathy Gates Milewski and I am a jack of all trades:  writer, landscaper, floral designer, exercise and nutrition enthusiast, painter, decorator, and someone who is always searching for reputable information on various topics that either interest me or more importantly can dramatically effect and possibly change my life for the better. I am also a thoughtful listener, a detail oriented observer, and a commenter on life.

As a chronic question asker I am always looking for information on how to, when to, what to, why to – ‘do’ anything. This blog gives me a way to communicate my research to you.

I also consider myself to be a thoughtful person, meaning I think about life and how what we do as individual’s effects not only ourselves but those around us. With so many websites and blogs, I want this blog to present you with a thorough view on many different topics; answering pertinent questions succinctly, but with a flair for creativity as well.

I love to research, to write and to share my personal thoughts on life – here’s hoping you enjoy what I have to say as well!

And as a sidebar, I am letting my creativity run wild by sharing not only my commentary through written word, but some of my decorating ideas as well. Check out the Decorating page where you will find recent photos of the things I am currently working on.

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