Puzzle pieces

It’s truly amazing how talented we all are in our own God-given way!

From my vantage point, I can see how many people it takes to care for family members in distress. I can see the advantage of recognizing individual gifts and pooling them together in order to provide ailing loved ones with the care they need and deserve.

Between my family and my husband’s family, medical needs are significant, and mental and emotional support is in even greater demand. I have witnessed those close to struggling family members, both relatives and caregivers, provide what they can in assistance according to their own strengths and capabilities; it’s truly a miraculous thing.

However, it is the combination of individual gifts that is truly astounding; the impact it makes on those suffering. It’s as if by divine intervention or some other mystical force, if you will, gifts bestowed upon single individuals appear to intertwine mysteriously when someone is in need, providing the ‘patient’ with the ultimate care experience.

Whether your title is nurse, sales person, mother, artist, son, granddaughter, nurturer, motivator, take-charge-type, hand holder, or listener, etc…not one person exists without a gift to share, whether it be with a loved one or complete stranger.

I am so thankful for the extremely gifted people I know who are willing to share themselves, their gifts and talents, and be an integral piece of the puzzle that can make those fighting disease feel worthwhile, valued, and loved.

It’s not the fight of one, it is the combination of many who truly make the difference in the lives of people in need. It is because of their unique gifts, their differences really, that make the impossible…possible.



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