Breakfast Bond

~ “Right time right place” ~ “Meant to be” ~ “Divine intervention”~ “Coincidence” ~ No matter how you slice it…sometimes, things just line up perfectly. My husband and I frequent an eclectic restaurant for breakfast every weekend called “The Friendly Toast,” located in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It’s our go-to-spot located 30 minutes to our north. It is, by…… Continue reading Breakfast Bond


Seat with a view!

It was late September when I heard a familiar whisper prompting me to book a room at my favorite spot, The Lands End Inn, Provincetown, MA. After scanning the reservation availability, I found a great rate on a room my husband and I had never booked before. From there we both built up a healthy bit of anticipation; picturing ourselves relaxing in a pair of worn white…… Continue reading Seat with a view!

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The little camper that could…

…until it couldn’t. Celebrating the golden years of a Great Western camper. When I was a kid, back in the 70’s, our pop-up trailer represented family time. My extremely detailed mother planned our vacations; packing every nook and cranny of the camper and Ford Bronco with supplies and treats, and dad, well, he was forced to relax.   I can…… Continue reading The little camper that could…