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‘Running’ the risk

When I was a kid, shoe stores were privately owned small businesses with names like Matthew’s and David’s.  There were no mega shoe stores with boxes displayed within customer reach. Back then, you picked a shoe and asked the clerk, who you probably knew by first name, to get it in your size, and then he spent the time…… Continue reading ‘Running’ the risk


Loving the “Maximi” you’re blessed with!

Don’t hide your “Glutei Maximi”, and don’t just count on those yoga pants to hide them either! I have been exercising regularly since I was thirteen; that’s a staggering 38 years. I went from freely running around the school yard and spending summers in the pool, to high school and college team sports.  Today, I still consider myself an athlete and someone…… Continue reading Loving the “Maximi” you’re blessed with!

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Why stretching is so worthwhile!

Your pumped; finally, you’ve made the commitment to exercise.  You’re ready to hit the treadmill and get your 30 minutes over with ASAP.  But hold on, what about that pesky warmup and cool down ‘they’ say you should do . . .  who has the time or patience?  Well, according to the Mayo Clinic, you should make the time. Stretching,…… Continue reading Why stretching is so worthwhile!

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Fighting Sarcopenia with a one two punch!

Why resistance training is crucial! Sarcopenia, which simply means a loss of muscle mass, is a condition that you might think is only present in the elderly, but the truth is it can begin its attack on muscles as early as thirty. For every decade we live and are inactive we can lose from 3…… Continue reading Fighting Sarcopenia with a one two punch!