Who Knew

I visited my local dry cleaner today. The couple who owns the place is very nice; down to earth and unpretentious. They work hard for their money, and they run a tidy establishment. They seem like good people, and more times than not, I’ve had wonderful conversations with them, especially the husband.

My visits to the dry cleaner are less frequent these days; my husband doesn’t travel as much for work anymore, but today I had one shirt to drop off. The owner and I usually partake in a quick chat about the weather, our children, vacations, etc.; he loves to chat, but today I couldn’t help but remark about the fantastic geranium plant reaching out far and wide by the front window.

This plant has been thriving in this window for years.

“I can’t believe how big that plant is – has it been like that all winter?” I ask.

“Oh yah,” he gleefully reports, “still going strong.”

“That is unbelievable,” I say, “do you think it’s because it gets warm in here, that’s why it does so well?” I ask.

“Well, it can get cold in here too, but I think the combination of the florescent lights and the natural light coming in the window… it just creates the perfect growing spot.”

“That is amazing,” I remark, “so beautiful. All the plants love it in here; you certainly know what you’re doing.”

“Well, I went to school for horticulture,” he says very nonchalantly.

“Seriously,” I say incredulous, wondering how this had never come up in conversation before.

“Yup, he says, “when I had my kids and needed more cash, I started working in a dry cleaner, and eventually bought my own business. That’s my story.”

“Wow,” I blurt out flabbergasted, “I had no idea, but it makes sense.”

The clover is peeking out just beyond the geranium.

Now I’m looking intently at all the plants in the window. I walk toward a pot and ask what the plant is encircling the spiky plant in the middle.

He laughs and says, “That’s clover.”

“Clover,” I say shaking my head, “like clover you dug up from the yard?”

“Yup,” he says with a smile, “I dug it up and it just took off. I love clover.”

“Who knew,” I say, looking at the plant and then back at him in amazement.

We grin at each other.

“Have a great day,” he says.

“You too,” I say.

Who knew indeed.

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