Cuz, ya know

IMG_1169 (1)Today I ended up at the beach; cuz, ya know, sometimes you just need a walk on the beach. The waves were insistent that I hear their roar. One after the other rolled onto the sand. I acknowledged them, and they gave me some peace.

It ended up being a beautiful mid-September day. I walked down the mile-long beach, enormous bags in hand, more than ready to give sanctuary to, what I hoped would be, an abundance of driftwood.

There were a few people out walking; a few dogs as well. One dog in particular seemed drawn to me; a cocker spaniel/some other breed. He looked older. He had something in his mouth, but he still eyed the large piece of driftwood in my hand. We shared a quick hello, then on he went, and so did I. Little did I know that we would cross paths again.

On the occasion of our second meeting, his eyes truly smiled as he carried a big clam shell in his tiny mouth; both pieces still joined. What a treasure his eyes seemed to say to me. It was difficult not to smile, so I did, and then remarked about his find. As he passed, it was as if he understood what I had said, and that he should not only feel proud, but he should show it – and he did – his head seemed to rise just a little bit higher. The smile on my face felt good. That sweet little dog, just going along in his busy day, just made mine.

When I got home, after unloading my driftwood treasures, I decided it was a great time to fire up the lawn mower. As it happens, I didn’t see the frog, but the mower blades did, – cuz, ya know…

All in a day, I guess. 

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