The unruly one

The sound bellowed through the house like an angry swarm of bees; she could not ignore the call. She walked with purpose from one end of the house to the other; she was not afraid. Once she entered the room, she forcefully pulled the door open and retrieved the rascal from its warm cocoon. This one, in particular, required special attention. It reveled in its unruliness; it was incapable of playing well with others. It coveted it’s time alone, regarding any intruder as a threat; manipulating the unwanted guest until it finally swallowed it whole. It was completely satisfied in its selfishness.

Once in her arms, she carried it loosely, enjoying the warmth of its breath, until she found an open space to let it loose. She held it gently by one end, allowing its body to relax, but wasted no time once it had to manipulate it like a magician twirling his cloak. She maneuvered her way around two of its so-called pockets, marrying them together, then gracefully slid her hand down its long body finding two more pockets, enthusiastically coupling them as well. Without hesitation, the four pockets were joined as one and the unruly one gave into the master.

Before it could rebel, she laid it gently down on the table, and proceeded to shrink it in size with a quick flip here and another there, and two more after that. Within minutes the one that reveled in its power to coerce others, had been shamed and tamed by a force greater than itself. She was like a magician, and she walked away from it, lying neatly on the table, satisfied that not only had she exerted her dominance over it and won, but, she had done the right thing.


Ancient wisdom from the delectable, crispy ‘cookie’


Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to get control over the unruly things in our lives. Whether it’s your diet, relationships, work, fitness, or an unruly fitted sheet; there are ways to tame the beast. You need a plan though; you must acknowledge your weakness, get educated, and get started. As easy as they make it look, even magician’s practice.



How to videos:

For a clear, concise explanation of how to fold a fitted sheet, go to Living on a dime video. For a good laugh and an explanation of how to fold a fitted sheet, go see Martha Stewart!

How to fold a fitted sheet/ Living on a Dime

How to fold a fitted sheet/Martha Stewart


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