Driftwood Art

FullSizeRender (57)If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, take a walk and gather some driftwood, and then get creative!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – at least I think so.  I have been gathering driftwood for months, maybe even years, and finally found a purpose for it other than storing it in a basket in a corner of the room (which I also do).

Repurposing found objects, natural objects, and items that sit in your stockpile of ‘I’m gonna keep this for a rainy day’, is part of the creative process.  And by the way, keep the naysayers and those who look disparagingly at your stockpile at a safe distance; there’s nothing wrong in my book with saving pieces of ‘this and that’ for a rainy day as long as you don’t become a hoarder. My dilapidated piece of stock fence has come in quite handy as a repurposed driftwood piece of art displayed proudly over my bed.

For this project you will need the following: stock fence, driftwood, ruler, tape measurer, pencil, circular saw, nail gun, picture hanging wire, nails and hangers, hammer, level, *teacher.

*Get a brief tutorial on how to use your power equipment, then have at it!

  1. Measure the space above the bed or space you wish to hang your artwork, deciding on length and width.
  2. Measure fencing and mark with pencil for cut.
  3. Steady hand- cut the fence piece with the circular saw; prop it off the ground on buckets, a table or workbench to steady it and lift it off the ground. *Wear safety glasses. You could probably use a hand saw as well – just a tougher cut.
  4. Thread picture hanging wire through front and back of fence to create hanger.
  5. Dry run- play around with the driftwood to see what looks best.
  6. One by one, use the nail gun to adhere driftwood to fence and/or to one another. (what a rush!) If you don’t have a nail gun, I’m guessing screws could work, they just won’t be hidden as well.
  7. Time to hang – use two nails and hangers, spread apart on the wall to give fencing balance. Measure for appropriate height; use a level to get your hangers ‘level’.
  8. Hang that beauty up!

FullSizeRender (55)Next, run to the craft store, pillage your sewing basket, ransack your collections of ‘this and that’ to find items to hang off the driftwood. Work within the color scheme of your room; decide to contrast or match your décor.

Use fishing line or jewelry string to thread through jewels, etc. Arrange as many or as little as you like on each strand and on the driftwood. Be creative and have fun; there is absolutely no right or wrong here!

Another great idea would be to shrink the size of your piece and make one to accommodate necklaces, etc.FullSizeRender (52)

To me, everything has possibility! Here is an example of using an antique bed side rail as a space filler over a guest bed. Although the hooks had been added years prior when it was used as a coat rack, they came in handy; the rail has been repurposed – adorned by beautiful jewels that glisten in the morning sunlight. Look at your surroundings- the possibilities are endless! FullSizeRender (58)FullSizeRender (59)



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