Call of the Wild

Thanksgiving Eve, 2018 Night had slipped in so effortlessly; temperatures plummeting, heading to ungodly lows. The wind taunted us from just beyond the glass door; what was it saying? Was it a subtle warning disguised within the confines of a relentless howl; the wind unwilling to take responsibility for its unpredictability, or perhaps a simple…… Continue reading Call of the Wild

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“Little Things” travels cross country!

After taking the newlyweds to California on a surf adventure, “Little Things” was ready for a hiatus. For the next five months, most of her time was spent lounging behind the kids’ home, with only sporadic visits by Matt, Adria, and Cora, when she became their private backyard retreat. But, those times kicking back were about to change. Rumors about…… Continue reading “Little Things” travels cross country!

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The little camper that could…

…until it couldn’t. Celebrating the golden years of a Great Western camper. When I was a kid, back in the 70’s, our pop-up trailer represented family time. My extremely detailed mother planned our vacations; packing every nook and cranny of the camper and Ford Bronco with supplies and treats, and dad, well, he was forced to relax.   I can…… Continue reading The little camper that could…