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‘Generic John’ vs. ‘Plain Jane’

Why doesn’t ‘Generic John’ need makeup? Since I was a blossoming teen, I have been using makeup to ‘boost’ my beauty. When I was growing up in the 1980’s, women were bombarded with images of models boasting flowing locks, flawless makeup, and lean body types. Young teens like me desperately wanted to keep up, to be more than just a ‘Plain Jane’, and…… Continue reading ‘Generic John’ vs. ‘Plain Jane’

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Frozen in time

  I was about eight years old and my younger sister around three when we were frozen in time on an old wooden bench on a cool summer’s day in 1972. Undoubtedly we had just been running up and down the silvery planks of the boardwalk just moments before this photo was taken. Mom or Dad must have called our names, “Kathy, Lynda, . . ., look…… Continue reading Frozen in time


Loving the “Maximi” you’re blessed with!

Don’t hide your “Glutei Maximi”, and don’t just count on those yoga pants to hide them either! I have been exercising regularly since I was thirteen; that’s a staggering 38 years. I went from freely running around the school yard and spending summers in the pool, to high school and college team sports.  Today, I still consider myself an athlete and someone…… Continue reading Loving the “Maximi” you’re blessed with!

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Soak it up!

The groundhog spoke on February 2, 2016 to his faithful followers; the clouds gathered that fateful day, blocking any remote chance of the little fellow seeing his shadow. On that same day, the ground shook in the North East where people fell to their knees, bowing to the almighty ‘hog’. No more hiding in our burrows; the time would quickly be upon the masses where the…… Continue reading Soak it up!