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I wanna get some . . .

,. . .  self-control that is. It’s 7 p.m., the dinner dishes are done and you’re sitting in a comfy chair, feet up and for the most part feeling relaxed and content. All is quiet, until, and without warning, a jarring high pitched noise echoes throughout the room. You feel the urge to get up, but your significant other beats you to it; rising like a…… Continue reading I wanna get some . . .

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You know you’re getting old when . . .

. . . you have too many candles on your cake!   In the warm New England summers of my youth, I spent a great deal of time with my maternal grandmother. I can remember my parents making the trek to Burlington Vermont, packing my grandmother into the Buick sedan and bringing her to our…… Continue reading You know you’re getting old when . . .

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A home away from home

Finding companionship in a simple coffee shop The other day I found refuge in an unfamiliar Dunkin’ Donuts; trying to kill a few hours while my husband attended a meeting. As I walked toward the entrance, I encountered two elderly people grabbing a quick puff before entering the establishment; they followed me in.  As I stood…… Continue reading A home away from home

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A cup of ‘Joe’ please?

Why coffee bars scare me! Back in the good ole’ days when people ordered coffee it was black; uncomplicated and pure. Then some daring soul got the brilliant idea to add the flavorful duo ‘cream and sugar’ to the formidable black liquid. But, the real changes came mid-20th century with the advent of processed foods. No longer would we settle for…… Continue reading A cup of ‘Joe’ please?