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Why stretching is so worthwhile!

Your pumped; finally, you’ve made the commitment to exercise.  You’re ready to hit the treadmill and get your 30 minutes over with ASAP.  But hold on, what about that pesky warmup and cool down ‘they’ say you should do . . .  who has the time or patience?  Well, according to the Mayo Clinic, you should make the time. Stretching,…… Continue reading Why stretching is so worthwhile!

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Beyond words: the power of touch

Don’t throw away those holiday hugs with the gift wrap just yet.  Those warm embraces given so unselfishly in December are just as important every day of the new year as well! One of the most memorable experiences I had over the holidays was when I made a quick pit stop at my neighbor’s house.  With gift in…… Continue reading Beyond words: the power of touch

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The cholesterol/booze link

Wine drinkers everywhere who are waging war against their cholesterol levels are looking to be validated in their love affair with the fermented grape.  Inquiring minds want to know: can a glass of red wine positively affect  cholesterol levels? The answer is yes, but it’s not just wine that can do it. “Moderate amounts of alcohol raise levels of…… Continue reading The cholesterol/booze link